I'm thinking about a Pinterest project in a box idea.  Well, to be honest, it has been rolling around in this menopausal brain for about a year and a half.  I have put the brakes on it several times and it just keeps rolling back around.  So here we go!

What is better than a craft night with friends?  Maybe a craft night at home in your fuzzy pajamas.  YESSSSS!  What if you didn't have to run around to 3 different stores to gather all of the things.  What if they magically showed up in a box at your door step, ready for you to sprinkle your creative fairy dust all over?
Here are my thoughts...

  • One main project with supplies delivered to your door.  
  • Instructed by me in our private Facebook community.
  • A possible second project demonstrated.
  • A monthly guest crafter 
  • A monthly devotional
  • Cooking, crafting, painting, learning to use power tools, sounds like fun, right?

I'm excited!  I don't have everything figured out yet.  This is why I need you to help me.  I need 2 things from you...

  •  First, I need to get you on a separate email list for this idea.  Please sign up HERE.
  • Secondly, I want to invite you over to my free Happy Creating group on Facebook.  There, you will help me make all of the hard decisions about this idea.  YOU are going to help me create this box and go on this adventure with me.   I want YOUR input on everything.  You will have a special invite to a free craft night project right before launch time and opening the carts.  Did I mention, you will have first dibs when I launch?  You can join me in the FREE Facebook group HERE.

I know that it is asking a lot, but it is super important that you do both of these things.  This email wait list will be notified first about when the box is available.
I will see you in the group.

Debbie :)