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Folks are ALWAYS asking me what kind of paint that I use on my door hangers and what colors.  Well here are your answers…

Let’s first talk about what I don’t like.  I DON’T like Apple Barrel.  I think that I just heard some of you gasp.  LOL!  It’s ok.  If you are using it and it is working, stick with it.  To each his own.  I don’t particularly like the way that it covers. 

There are some other great craft acrylics out there.  Here are a few of my favorites: Folk Art, DecoArt (which is made in the great state of Kentucky, Go Cats!), and Americana.  These are much better choices, in my little opinion.  As with all craft acrylics, you MUST protect your hard work with a clear sealer.  I HIGHLY suggest Rustoleum Clear Lacquer.


NOW, my number one paint of choice is…….drum roll please…….Olympic One in exterior satin.  I have it mixed by the gallons at Lowe’s.  This is a FANTASTIC paint.  For one, it's not latex based, it is an enamel based paint.  That is what the Lowe's pros told me. It dries very hard, and is SUPER DUPER DURABLE.  No need to seal, which I LOVE.  When folks leave one of my workshops, I want them to leave with a completed project and ready ready to hang.  I don’t want them to have to stop by the Wally-World to purchase a can of sealer.  Treat others how you want to be treated.    Also when I‘m busy painting orders, it is just one less time consuming step. I use the FIFO bottles, to the right, to store my paint in.  These are game changers!!!   


  Let’s talk about colors…I use basic colors and mix.  No one has time to thumb thru 50 different shades of tiny bottles. No ma’am.  Learn to mix colors.  Below is my list of colors that I have been using for 4 ½ years.  Besides the basics, I do have a bright pink, lime green, turquoise, and a cream mixed.  Those are very popular colors and it is just easier to have them ready to go for the workshops.





I hope that this information is super helpful to you!

Happy Creating :)

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  • Katie on

    This is SUPER helpful! Thank you!!

  • Joann on

    Hey Debbie! I don’t know how you pour the paint from the gallon into those little bottles. A trick i love is at $ Tree, not all of them have it though, so u may have to shop around. It’s a red silicone lid that has a foldable pour spout that fits on the paint can. It has a cover at the end of the spout also! I just throw the metal lid away and use those. They are also reusable;) They have them at Lowes/Home Depot also, but for $3/4!

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