Bifocals, Menopause, and Giving it ALL to the Lord!

This is not a normal painting tutorial just a little girlfriend chit chat.  Hopefully someone will be uplifted and blessed. :)

So, did y'all see Reason #248 of why menopause STINKS?  My eyes have gone BAD.  I had to submit to my inadequate vision and get BIFOCALS!  I once just had issues with seeing distance and “up close” reading vision is worse than my distance.  Like ALL things going south, I blame MENOPAUSE!!!  That's right, she is a BEAST.  It's just another season of life, right???  This too shall pass, right???  I, along with my loving family, will survive, right??? 

In Romans 5:3 it says, "we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance." 

Now am I suffering....NO, but one of you reading this might be.  Know this, Girlfriend...You have a God that loves and adores you, LIKE NO OTHER.  He wants a relationship with you, LIKE NO OTHER.  He has your back, LIKE NO OTHER.  Quit trying to run this race by yourself and let Him part the path and pull you to the finish line.  You are NOT alone in your suffering.  He has brought me thru some pretty crappy times.  My pastor made this point today, you may be a victim of life, but you don't have to play the victim.  No one is immune to the crap-o-la that life can deal you, but YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Know that!  Let go and let God make pretty of our mess!  

Many blessings to you,


Let God Make Pretty of Our Mess T-Shirt

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