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We just wrapped up our kitchen remodel. I love my new kitchen, but truly hope that I NEVER have to do that again. These are some of my things that I got that I absolutely LOVE. I will never suggest something that I have not used and love. These are all Debbie Poole approved. So let me share some great Amazon finds that you did not know that you needed. 

1.  Under Sink Rubber Mat - Did you even know that that made these.  I chose this one because you can customize the shape simply with a pair of scissors. It has a small lip to catch those leaky cleaner bottles...or do even mention leaky pipes.  Yikes.

2.  Paper Towel Holder - What is so great about a paper towel holder?  This one mounts under your cabinet. It has a sticky adhesive (screws are also included if needed.  I did not use the screws and it is holding well.  That is saying a lot because we are not delicate people.

3.  Cabinet Pull Jig - If you are installing new cabinets, you NEED this jig.  It was a time and life saver.  It was sooooo easy to mark the holes for Donnie to drill.

4.  2 Tier Storage Organizer - The description will say that it is for the bathroom.  I used it in my spice cabinet.  It comes with 2 sets and is fabulous.

5.  Puck Lights - I saved the BEST for last.  These are rechargeable, dimmable, and come with a remote control.  I installed them under my cabinets.  Simply peel and stick the magnet.  I have had mine up for 2 months and have not had to recharge them yet.  Best Amazon purchase that I have EVER made.  That is a big statement. 

***I receive a small affiliate income when you shop these links.

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